I decided to use joomla and change my site.  Before I was manually doing everything which was a good learning experience and helped a lot with stuff like jquery, CSS, database manipulation...etc, but it was time to get rid of the old goat and start with something different.  Although I had changed the site around a lot over the years as far as layout and content, the basic setup of the old site hadn't fundamentally changed in almost ten years.  At this point in the game  I'm willing to trade off a little personal creativity for a more commercial and easier to use CMS.  For me being able to add in pictures and articles like this one quickly are more important than getting some part of kendo working on my site.  Content for me is now more important than tinkering with the backend.  I still will have opportunities to play around and set things up so I'm not totally drinking the koolaid, making a facebook account, and becoming a faceless zombie.

Over the next few weeks I'll add back in the news and pictures that were on the old site, and maybe I'll think of some shiny new stuff to do also.  Until then just poke around or go somewhere else!