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So my brother came  over for a few weeks for a dentist appointment from Arizona (yes, it is as weird as it sounds).  Since I know he is the hiking god, I forced him to go on a few hiking trips with me before he left.  We actually ended up going on a hike each weekend while he was here,  a total of 3 weeks.  He was also here for the eclipse which he got some really good pictures of.  I took the wife and 2 kids over to the Stanley, ID area to see it also.  It is worth seeing for sure and anybody who hasn't seen one and says it's no big deal is an idiot.  Anybody who has seen one and says it's no big deal is an even bigger idiot.  Anyway we went up Mount Leatherman the first weekend which is the second highest peak in Idaho.  That turned out being more difficult than Borah which we did the following two weekends (yes we hiked up Mount Borah two times over two weekends).  The second time was mainly to get pictures from the top that we hadn't gotten the first time around.  Since then I have also hiked the Pioneer Cabin loop and almost made it up Hyndman Peak, another 12k mountain over in the Sun Valley area.  Bad weather and starting late kept me from making it all the way up.  There is snow now pretty much everywhere above 9000ish feet, so doing anything like Hyndman, Borah, or Leatherman is pretty much out until next summer.  I'm looking around though for stuff like Pioneer Cabin that is lower but still a fun hike for the next few months until the snow comes all the way down, then I'll have to figure something else out.