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I'll just call it a yearly update since I might not get around to adding anything else this year if it's the same as other years.  For hiking stuff, even though I wasn't able to do much else after Hyndman as far as 10-12k peaks go, I did go around and do some hiking around some lower areas, until those also ended up with snow.  Stuff like City of Rocks, Castle Rocks, Bruneau Sand Dunes, and Indian Springs were fairly interesting.  It's nice to see there are still some things around close that can be done while waiting for the snow to melt higher up.  I have a list of 3 or 4 other things to do around here along with a nice list of the higher up ones.  Hyndman will definitely be the first peak I will do when possible.  I'll probably go to Pioneer Cabin again from a different trail just to see how things look since you can see Hyndman from there and if it looks good then will go do it.  I bought a mountain bike so if I don't feel like hiking around but want to just get out and do something, Indian Springs is close and great for biking.

On the job front, still doing Citrix work, mostly VDI and XenDesktop work but occasionally do some XenApp stuff.  I hit 5 years at St. Luke's this month and this year there was a job title/pay restructuring for I.T. which ended up with a nice raise, so hopefully I can pay off some debt this year, get my credit back up, and then save some money and see if I can move to Boise in the next few years.  That's the plan anyway.

Family is doing ok, everyone is alive and well.  I updated some pictures and added some new stuff.  The wife has been busy still making cakes and yummy food.  She's made sushi a few times now which has been really good.