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This past weekend I finished hiking up the last 2 of 9 12,000+ Idaho mountains, Mount Church and Donaldson Peak.  This was the 4th and 5th 12k peak I've done so far this year.  In 2017 my brother and I did Borah and Leatherman.  In 2018 I did Hyndman.  In 2019 I did Lost River.  This year I did Diamond with my brother and then did Breitenbach, Idaho, Donaldson, and Church.  I wasn't really planning on doing the last two until next year, but after going up right below the ridgeline between Church and Donaldson (the base of the headwall), I didn't think it would end up being too bad, and the weather was terrific this weekend to give it a try.  It ended up being pretty interesting, and I'm glad I was able to get them done.

Not sure what's next.  I still have a lot of hikes I can do, and I'll probably end up doing some of these again.