Bruneau Dunes State Park (2017)

   Bruneau Dunes State Park is just south of Mountain Home between Twin Falls and Boise. I parked at the information center and walked a 6 mile loop around the park which basically goes around the 2 lakes in the center, along the ridge of the big sand dunes on the south side, and then to the observatory and back to the visitors center. The beginning and end of the hike are not terribly impressive, but getting up and walking along the large sand dune ridge lines was fun. It was a nice day but the wind was blowing fairly hard on top of the ridge and so getting sand blown at me was something new. The information center was closed, but they do rent sandboards and sleds there which would be interesting to try some day. Like Castle Rocks, they have a nice area for both camping and picnics as well as some public viewing stuff with the observatory during the summer, so it would also make a good place to take the family for a day. It's definitely different than the normal desert terrain and mountains here in Idaho and worth checking out.