Castle Rocks State Park (2017)

   Castle Rocks State Park is over by City of Rocks and looks about the same except a little smaller. It also has a nice trail where you can hike around the majority of the park. The actual loop hike is around 6 miles. Since I hadn't realized the park is so close to Cache Peak, I decided to go off trail and see how far I could get. I went up a mile and half or so and turned back around. It was pretty steep and the brush and vegetation on the hill was really thick and so going the other mile to get to the top and then all the way back down would have taken more time than I had that day. I did see a few rock climbers but not as many as City of Rocks which I'm guessing is the more popular of the two parks for rock climbing. All in all, it was a nice hike and looks like a nice place to take the family for a day.