City Of Rocks (2017)

   Saturday the wife and I hiked a loop around City of Rocks. This is the first time my wife has come along on a hike. It took a little while longer but was a great experience and I hope she will come along on more in the future. We did a loop around the park instead of just going to a few of the rocks and going back. This loop was about 6.25 miles. We did it in about 5 hours. During the trip my gps batteries died and I really wanted to get a good track so on Monday I decided to do it again by myself but in reverse. It took me around 2 hours and 20 minutes to do the loop. I mostly took pictures on Saturday but some of the ones at the end are of Monday (the sunnier, less cloudy ones). I did get a few pictures of Graham Peak which I'd also like to do soon.

    5-27-18 - My brother and I hiked the loop and went up Graham Peak at the same time. I didn't take any pictures except a few at the top of Graham which had a gazillion ladybugs. I was a long 13 miles, but otherwise not much else that I hadn't seen before doing either the loop or Graham Peak.