Independence Lakes (2017)

   Independence Lakes are at the base between Cache Peak and Mount Independence just north of City of Rocks and Castle Rocks. Both peaks are on my list of hikes for next year since Cache is the highest peak in Idaho south of the Snake River and the highest point in Cassia County. Mount independence is right next to it so no reason not to do it. At least I was able to get a look at the 2 peaks from the north side. When I climb them it will be from the south side. This was a nice hike of about 8 miles and probably the last one of the year since there is snow pretty much everywhere now above 7000-8000 feet. If there hadn't been any snow up the side of Cache, I was considering just going straight up from the lakes, but even from there I was postholing 3 feet of snow in some places, so that would not have been fun at all.