Mount Timpanogos UT (2017)

   I've had Timpanogos on my list for a while and figured I'd go and get it done before the weather got too bad and had to wait until next year. The hike took about 7 hours and was right around 14 miles. It was really cold on top so I only stayed around for about 10 minutes before heading back down. The hike took less time than the trip down to Utah and back, but was well worth it. I hiked the Timpooneke trail. I'll probably hike this one again in the summer and go from Aspen Grove. Both trails are about the same length. I did meet Ben Woolsey up on top which was a nice surprise (there is a picture of him here). He is the guy that has hiked Timpanogos over 900 times so far and is 75 years old. I'm ok doing it 2 or 3 times. Timp is 11,752 feet high.