Bald Mountain (2018)

   Bald Mountain houses the Sun Valley Ski Resort adjacent to Ketchum, Id. It is right around 9.150 feet high and has a pretty nice trail going all the way to to the top. Round trip is just over 11 miles. There is a nice lookout about 1.5 miles in with some pretty good views of Ketchum and the Pioneers. I'll probably do just that small hike later with the wife. I read when the lifts are working in the summer, you can hike up and take the lift down (or the other way if you are a wimp) . Of course that is no fun although there is a restaurant up there so a one way 5-6 mile trip isn't too bad if you are going to enjoy the views and the food. I started hiking fairly early so I made it up and down and got back home by noon. It was a bit hazy in the morning so some of the Pioneer pictures weren't great. All in all a nice hike if you are around the Ketchum Id area and looking for something close and fairly easy.