Ben Lomond/Willard Peak UT (2018)

   Ben Lomond is a peak in Utah near Ogden. it is 9,716 feet high. Ben Lomond is actually not a persons name, it is Scottish for 'beacon mountain'. Willard Peak is a few miles along the same range at 9,763 feet high. There are several trailheads going to the top of these peaks varying from around 8 miles up to 20. The one i decided to do was the north fork Cutler trail which came in right around 15.5. If you just hike to Ben Lomond it is around 12 miles total. Unfortunately there were some fires going when I drove into Utah in the morning which is why there wasn't much to see from the top. The trail itself pretty much kept going up from the start but not steep. Most people just go to Ben Lomond even though Willard only a few miles away is slightly higher. Willard was actually funner to summit as you had to climb up some rocks for the last part, and it just looks better from the back side. I'll try to get some pictures of the Ogden side on a clearer day whenever I make it down there again. One fun fact from Wiki, "According to some sources, the Paramount Pictures logo, known as Majestic Mountain, was modeled after Ben Lomond. It is said that William W. Hodkinson, the founder of Paramount and a native of the Ogden area, initially drew the image on a napkin during a meeting in 1914"