Black Mountain CA (2018)

   Black Mountain is in Southern California in the San Bernardino National Forest. From the trailhead off the road to the top of the mountain is just over 8 miles. At the top is an active fire lookout station and I chatted with the 2 guys there for about 10 minutes. The top is at 7772 feet. Very well marked trail and nice views (as nice as they can be in Southern California). I was planning on doing San Gorgonio instead of Black Mountain but that area actually caught on fire a few days before and the trails and roads are closed for now. As of this morning (July 10), 1348 acres are still burning and the fire is 13% contained with over 600 firefighters working on it. I will put this on my list of things to do though next time I am around this area. San Gorgonio is the highest Southern California peak at 11,503 feet.