Carbonate Mountain (2018)

   Carbonate Mountain is next to Hailey, Id. My wife and I decided to go there today and if the weather was good we would go up it. We went most of the way up the direct way and down the switchbacks. The weather was great the whole day and the view of Hailey was pretty good as well. All in all a pretty nice short hike with great views. Carbonate is 6,714 feet. I went another 2 times the next 2 days just to get a gps track going different ways and see how fast I could do it.

    The second day was amazing weather (the last few photos are the second day). I hiked up the direct way and back down the switchbacks for a total of an 1 hour and 6 minutes (31 minutes up and 35 minutes down). I only went to the pole on top though which technically isn't the top.

    The third day it was snowing on top and snowing most of the way up, so I had an extra incentive to get up and down quickly. I went the direct way up and down in 58 minutes and went all the way to the top this time past the pole. I also left my gloves at the top so lost a few minutes going back up to get them when I realized that. It was 33 minutes up and 25 minutes down which isn't bad I don't think. Good exercise either way.