Craters of the Moon Main Loop (2018)

   Craters of the Moon is an interesting place. I can't really do it justice by explaining much about it, so I won't. Just google it for much better info about what is there and what to do. There is a main loop around the front part of the park with 4 or 5 places to stop and walk around. If you walk the whole thing it is about 8.5 miles. There are a few caves you can go in if you are properly equipped, different things to see, and some other trails further in that I will do sometime. The actual hike was pretty easy, a lot of it being on the road going from one spot to another. Nice to finally go over there and take a look around though. I've passed by the park multiple times recently while hiking other places and figured it was time to walk around in there. I have been there a few times before, once in the snow, but don't remember much. Anyway, nice day, nice hike, and lots of good things to see.

    P.S. The first few pictures are jacked up as I had the wrong setting on my camera.