Jarbidge NV (2018)

   This hike was a tough one. Most of it was off trail except for a little starting and ending. It was also very steep both up and down with lots of sliding. This might be one of the hardest I've done to date. There are 5 named peaks along the ridge, I did 4 of them. I skipped Cougar Peak (which would have been the first one done) since it would have added at least an hour to the hike and I was already aware that I'd be way over the time I told the wife I'd be home. The ones I did in order are Matterhorn (10,839 feet), Square Top (10,687 feet), Jumbo (10,643 feet), and Jarbidge (10,789 feet). In between each peak you drop down several hundred feet and have to re-climb it to get to the next, over steep, loose scree. That isn't counting the 4000 feet elevation gain over a few miles to get to them. All in all it was not terribly fun and I skipped one of the 5 peaks, but it was challenging for sure.