Mount Heinen (2018)

   Mount Heinen is close to Boise in the Boise Mountains. It is one of the 4 peaks that make up the 'Grand Slam' (the others are Cervidae, Shaw, and Kepros). A co-worker sent me a trip report of his hike and it looked like a nice one to do when I was in the Boise area. I will be doing Cervidae over the weekend with the wife, so that will just leave Kepros and Shaw (aka Lucky Peak) which I can do at a later date sometime this year. The hike took me just over 3.5 hours to go the 9.5 mile round trip. Some of the trail was pretty steep in some areas and no switchbacks or anything to help with that which made for an interesting hike. The area was terrific and the weather was sunny and cool. All in all was a great hike and a nice day off work. Heinen is 6336 feet high.