Pike Mountain (2018)

   Pike Mountain is to the south of Twin Falls and right across from the Magic Mountain ski resort. I haven't hiked down south yet other than around Indian Springs, so this was new for me. The area down there in that particular spot was great, lots of trees and good trails made mostly for ATV's and motorcycles I think. I took a loop from a parking spot down the mountain off the road up to the top and then over to Elk Butte and back to the car. Round trip was just under 6.5 miles. You can take a car up to the top of Pike and can see Harrison and Cache from there. The beginning of the trail has some pretty thick forest area and was kind of creepy for me after having been in the wide open Boise hills for so long this year. Very nice hike though and I'll be going back to that area again soon. Pike Mountain is 7,698 feet high.