Sedona AZ Hikes (2018)

   The wife and I spent a few days in Sedona, AZ and decided to get in a few small hikes in during the morning when all the stores were closed (that's what she was there for). The three hikes we did were Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, and Huckaby (or a small part of it maybe). Since they were all short hikes I put them all together in one page. The hikes and pictures are in the order they were done: Bell Rock, Huckaby, and Cathedral. We started Bell rock right when the sun was coming up which was around 5:15am while it was still cool. It was just a small loop around the rock. Huckaby goes under a bridge and then down to the river, and Cathedral goes up to a point between two spires of the rock. Of the three, Cathedral was the most interesting. The area is pretty neat though with lots of trails and other things to do. The town is a tourist trap but the food was great and it's worth visiting if in the area.