Shaw Mountain (2018)

   Shaw Mountain (Lucky Peak) is one of the 4 'Grand Slam Peaks', the others being Kepros, Heinen, and Cervidae. Shaw is around 5,908 feet high. This one was the last of the 'Grand Slam' peaks for me, so I have now done all four. All of the trails and what you will see along them are pretty similar as they are all in the same area. The top of Shaw though was very nice with actual real trees. The view off the top was pretty bad as there were low clouds. Since I didn't punish myself enough that day doing Shaw, I also did Cervidae right afterwards, so my total hiking distance was around 15 miles. I guess you could say I did a double (get it?)! This pretty much finishes off the Boise area hikes until I get or find some new ones.