Stack Rock (2018)

   Stack Rock is outside of Boise heading up to the Bogus Basin area. I decided to do this after work on a Monday afternoon since I was staying there a few days and didn't want to just sit in my crappy hotel all evening. I started around 6pm and made it back just after the sun went down but there was still plenty of light to walk around on. The trail is about 8 miles, well marked, and in shade most of the time. I climbed on the actual Stack Rock at the end but did not make it all the way up (I'm not a rock climber and there was a section near the top that probably wasn't that bad, but it was around 7:30ish and I knew I was probably the last one up there that day and didn't want to risk getting hurt just to say I climbed to the top of a rock. I also hike alone so I'm possibly a little more cautious than most). It was a great hike though. I have several others I'd like to do in that area.