This place creeped me out. I went to South Carolina for my son's graduation from basic training, and decided to go hiking somewhere.

    Congaree National Park was close and looked interesting. It is interesting if you enjoy man-sized spiders everywhere you look. Add the heat and humidity to the terror of giant spiders hanging off the trees waiting for you to pass under and you have the perfect trifecta of misery. I broke my glasses when I passed under an overhung tree, walked right into a spider web and then freaked out and batted my glasses off while making sure there wasn't a huge spider on my head trying to get into my ear. Even the owl and squirrel I saw in there looked like they wanted to kill me. I also saw a turtle in the water in Weston Lake, and a fair sized black wild pig run across the path in front of me, although it could have been a very large rat or spider (I'd believe it). I walked the Weston Lake loop trail and the Bluff trail which was right around 5 miles. Did I mention there were about 8 billion spiders?