Gooding City of Rocks (2019)

   In the places with "Rocks" in the name this has been the least interesting, although not too far behind the "Little City of Rocks" which is just to the West. The other two are of course "City of Rocks" and "Castle Rocks". Unlike the latter two, the others do not have rock climbing, they just have lots of big rocks and canyons with hoodoo type formations. There was a trail starting out but only for about a third of the way. Once you drop down into the canyon it's all off-trail until you get back to wherever you are going. I went about 3.5 miles, but you can go shorter or longer depending on how long you want to follow the canyons and the trip back. If you are spending a day in the area and were planning on going to the Little City of Rocks, this one is worth seeing as well. If you don't care for one, you won't care for the other. There is a fairly long dirt road to get to the spot to park. It's probably good enough to be done in a car if you are careful in a few areas, but I did not do it in a car, so you have been warned.