Griffin Butte/Adams Gulch (2019)

   I actually thought I was done hiking for this year, but I might still get a few more in. October was pretty cold and there were a few days of snow, so most of the high stuff is not accessible right now (to me anyway). This one looked ok though.

    The Fox Creek trail just outside of Ketchum passes close to Griffin Butte which looked interesting mostly because it's right outside of Ketchum and is semi-high and not covered with snow. I went up it from the Adams Gulch trail then finished the loop. That put things around 8 miles. The actual top of Griffin is pretty boring. Getting to the top was fun though once you go off trail. You go up a short, steep gully beside a massive rock on the south side. The way to the top from there is pretty easy, and the Adams Gulch loop is also nothing major. The actual butte is 8411 feet high.