Phantom Falls (2019)

   This is a pretty nice waterfall. The drive to get there is not. I did drive it in a car from the Oakley direction and drive out towards the Magic Mountain area, but neither of them are very good in a car. I would not recommend it but I was able to do it so it can be done. A high-clearance vehicle or 4x4 would make the trip much less stressful. The actual trail is only a 3 mile round trip and no real high angle ups or downs, so kid and animal friendly. Probably should wear pants as the trail is pretty narrow and you will get your legs scratched if you wear shorts. There was lots of water coming down the falls, not sure if it dries up at other times or if there is always water flowing. I went with the wife so no speed records were broken, but the great waterfall made up for the long car ride to get there.