Church/Donaldson Headwall (2020)

   Some might consider this a fail for 2020, I consider it advanced recon. My guess is that the normal person doesn't plan a hike just to go see the Church/Donaldson headwall, it would be to actually go up the headwall and summit Church and Donaldson. That was the plan if it worked out and was not the plan if it did not. Because of several factors, we (my brother and I) made it up that far and decided it was not the right day to try going up and finishing the last 2 12,000+ foot peaks I have left to do. I will either do them in a few weeks if I can swing it, or just put it off until next year when I was originally planning on doing it. Nice hike though even if we did not complete this, and I got a really good look at the headwall and what I need to do the next time I make it over there.