City of Rocks South Loop (2020)

   I'll probably hike around a little further south, but this sounded like a good name for this loop anyway. I guess the next one will be 'more south' or 'souther' or something terrible. I started this one at the Bread Loaves on the western side, went south to Tea Kettle with a stop up the mountain to the right between the two, and then went around in a nice loop. The peak, which does not have any name that I could find, was around 7,725 feet high as measured by my gps, so a few hundred feet higher than Smoky Mountain which I had done a few weeks before.

    This year I've mainly focused on hiking around the southern part of the state, partially because I started a lot earlier than I usually do and there is still plenty of snow higher up, but also because Blaine County where a lot of the nice hikes are was ground zero for Idaho as far as COVID-19 cases go, so I'm just avoiding that place as long as I can.

    There is plenty to do though still at the City of Rocks and surrounding areas so I can keep busy until the sun heats things up some more. Apparently the Saturday I was there hiking, some morons graffitied Camp Rock which has signatures of immigrants moving along the California Trail in the 1800's. Hopefully they catch whoever did that and feed them to the mountain lions. I'd be totally ok with that.