Harrington Fork to 3rd Fork Loop (2020)

   This was a 16 mile hike that started at the Harrington Fork trailhead, connected to the 3rd Fork trail, and ending by taking the road from 3rd Fork back to Harrington. This is a mountain bike trail so pretty well maintained. For probably 4 to 5 miles there was snow covering the trail. Luckily it was fairly well packed otherwise I would have turned around and gone back. There was one section where I was on the side of a small mountain walking along the side with snow covering the whole thing, and nothing I would have been able to grab on to if I started sliding down the side. That was kind of scary. I'll probably buy some crampons or microspikes just in case I end up in that situation again. I know that wont help much if I actually start sliding (I already have an ice axe but did not think something like that would be necessary), but would certainly help to not start sliding in the first place.

   All in all it was a fairly easy hike on a mostly good trail, but was pretty long for a hike in March.