Hole in the Mountain, NV (2020)


   Generally that is a good rule for any situation, but especially for this one. Apparently you have to start the hike by going through some shrubbery that will tear the skin from your legs if you wear shorts. I know because I did (enjoy the leg picture). Typically for any off trail hike I wear pants but for some reason this time I decided not to, and paid the price for it. If there is any way around that nightmare, I did not see it. I also parked way down the road which isn't necessary if you have a 4x4. I do but I'm pretty cautious and don't mind walking. If you park way up where the road ends you probably shave off about 3 miles from the total hike that I did.

   The actual hike was fairly steep, even the road part. Basically 4600 feet up in 3.5 miles. It looks like it took me about 4.5 hours to get up and around 2 to get back down, going around a mile per hour which is pretty normal for something that steep. Interesting though if you are into steep off trail hiking. This one also has a false summit as seen from the trail. Once you get to what you think is the top, you still have another few hundred vertical feet up to the West climbing over some larger boulders. Nothing dangerous though. Worth the trip down to Nevada.

    Hole in the Mountain Peak is the highest mountain in the East Humboldt Range of mountains and is 11,311 feet high. The peak is of course named Hole in the Mountain because of the arch you can see in the pictures, also named Lizzie's Window.