Mount Harrison (2020)

   Mount Harrison is 9,265 feet high and close to Albion, Id. You can actually drive to the top of Harrison if there is no snow. In my case there was. I was originally planning to start at the top, hike down the road to Lake Cleveland and then up the hill to the top of the Pomerelle ski area and then back to the top. Right above Pomerelle though the road was blocked off because of snow, and so I actually started below where I was going to at the Pomerelle parking lot, went up the mountain above Pomerelle, and then went right up to the top of Harrison, mostly following the road which was covered in snow. I skipped Lake Cleveland so I'll have to hit it later on sometime.

    I probably would have had a slightly easier time with snowshoes, but I did ok and still made pretty good time. Great views from the top of Harrison of Cache/Independence and the mountains around the Albion/Elba/Almo area. There are a few campgrounds as well for people that are into that.