Fox Peak via Adams Gulch (2021)

    Fox Peak is 9,127 feet high. There is not really much of a reason to do this as Fox Peak doesn't have anything memorable about it. I did it mainly because the hike was long (about 18 miles). The fact that Fox was at the end of the hike was just icing on the cake I guess. There were some good views across the valley of peaks like Norton and Ryan which I'll be doing next year. I did not see any foxes. The way up was on a pretty good mountain bike trail. The way down that I did looks to have been an old hiking trail and most of it was somewhat easy to follow but also overgrown in a lot of places with nice sharp bushes. I think there is another mountain biking trail further along somewhere (maybe) which is no doubt much better. Nice hike though and a good loop trail with a peak at the end.