Perjue Canyon (2021)

   Perjue Canyon is in the Owyhee wilderness which is southwest(ish) from Mountain Home. I've actually never been to this part of Idaho before and since there is still snow higher up, this looked like a great place to start off this year. The actual canyon was nice. It was about a mile and a half from the trailhead just to get to the canyon entrance. I went about 5 miles one way, so about 3.5 miles inside the canyon. 10 miles total was enough for me for one day. You can go further down into the canyon if you are looking for more distance. There is also a trail just before the canyon entrance called (I believe) 'between the canyons' which runs along the top of the canyon until Perjue and another run together further than I went. I might try it someday. I did see a few other things I can do over there in that area, so I'm sure I will be there again.