Pike Mountain Snowshoe Hike (2021)

   I've been up Pike several times before from different starting places. I have not been up it on snowshoes, so this was new for me.

    I actually haven't been anywhere on snowshoes. After roaming around Mount Harrison last year, I decided to buy snowshoes, but had not really had the chance to try them out. To be honest, I don't like the cold or the snow much, but there are times when I will use the snowshoes and go do something every now and then.

    My daughter convinced a few of the family to rent some snowshoes (for them) and go somewhere. I figured Pike was about as good a place as any this time of the year. It's still fairly close to home and is still snow covered for the most part. We went over on Saturday but it was pretty late so we just messed around a little and then actually did the hike to the top of Pike on Sunday. We just went pretty much along where the road is that goes to the top. It was cold and windy up on top, but otherwise I guess we had a good time.