Old Hyndman (2019)

   Old Hyndman Peak is 11775 feet high and right next to Hyndman (which I did last year) and Cobb (which I might try sometime if I really enjoy pain and suffering). The 3 peaks in the Pioneers are called the Triumvirate (they might only be called that if you do all 3 on the same day, but I'm ok calling them that any time). Doing all 3 in one days would be tough. I'm just fine doing one at a time. Old Hyndman starts at the same trailhead as Hyndman and breaks off a few miles in. The Hyndman trail goes off to the left of Cobb and the Old Hyndman trail goes off to the right of Cobb. You then cross over a river where you will gets your shoes and socks wet if you don't bring anything to cross. Another few miles and then you go off-trail until the summit. It's close to 2700 feet in about 2 miles off-trail with loose rocks most of the way. Good stuff. This is the first 'real' mountain I've done this year because of the heavy snow over the winter. Will try to get more in between now and September. Trip was great although my legs were not happy after this one.