Hyndman Peak

   Hyndman Peak is the 9th highest peak in Idaho at 12,008 feet and the lowest of the 12,000 feet+ peaks. With this one done I have completed 3 of the 9 (Borah, Leatherman, and Hyndman).

    I attempted this one last year but turned around on the actual mountain because of snow and some bad looking clouds. I had also started late because I had done another hike before going to this one (that TR is here). Turned out I probably made the right decision as the last part would have taken a few more hours which I would not have been prepared for. From the saddle between Hyndman and Old Hyndman there basically is no trail, or at least none I saw, which means slow going the whole way up going over good sized loose rocks. Some parts were ok where the were bigger, more stable rocks but pretty slow going.

    The views from the top were great. My GPS track shows about an hour stopped which isn't accurate. It looks like it's counting the last way up and down that were really slow. Google also shows me ending below 12,000 feet which is also inaccurate. It's a fairly tough hike though. The first few miles go through meadows with a slow but steady incline. Once you get to the base of Cobb then it's pretty much uphill until you get to the top with the exception of a few spots.

    Nice to finally get it out of the way though. I have a few more hikes planned for this year then I'm pretty much done.