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what the title says

I never thought I'd see this, but apparently we have pirate metal now as a genre, along with viking metal (not sure about ninja metal).  Pirate metal is of course, much better than the others.  This one is actually pretty good (in a bizarre sort of way) by Alestorm:

Deathsworn, Oathbound!
On a quest for vengeful slaughter.
We sail to the halls of doom.
With the black flag raised in the sky!

Tracfone is pretty high on my list of horrible companies that unfortunately I have had to use (just below Chase and US Bank and just about even with Cable One).  I could spend hours talking about how bad Tracfone is, probably the same number of hours I have had to be on the phone with these jokers trying to get things fixed that they have screwed up (with limited success I might add).  I figure their plan is to just frustrate people into giving up.  This one I can't let go though.  This goes against everything that is decent in this world.  Any person or company using the word 'loose' when they mean 'lose' deserves to burn in Hell for eternity.

Kill me now!

Hobos, terrorists, and circus clowns (my scary people list) can get away with using 'loose', but nobody else.  I also *may* have 30 days do do something, not exactly sure what, or I loose my enrolment. So I may not loose my enrolment?  I'm very confused.

In other news, I'm still alive.