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For 2020 just in case I don't post anything all year like I normally do.  Been a pretty busy 2019 although you would not know it from these articles.  I do keep the pictures updated though so hopefully that helps.  Andrew  was home for a few weeks during the holidays but goes back later tonight and will be in Fort Lee, VA for another month or so before coming back home (currently in advanced training for the National Guard).  He went to basic training in June at Fort Jackson, SC.  He finished basic at the end of August.  Once he comes back home he will either go look for a job or start CSI, not sure which.

Josh is currently working as  an I.T. guy on Contract at St. Luke's.  He has been there for several months now and I think he is liking it.  Good money and better experience though if it doesn't turn into a permanent job there.  Certainly something he can take to other places with that experience.  

The rest of the family is doing well.  I'm still doing the same thing at work and I think it's going well.  The other kids and wife are doing great. 

Hiking for me finished up with Griffin Butte outside Ketchum mid November.  I might have been able to squeeze one or two in there but it didn't work out.  In 2020 I'll try and hit at least 2 more of the 12k foot peaks which will bring the total to 6 of the 9 completed.  I might try a few others also that look interesting.  I'll probably do less total, but the ones I will do will be higher on average. I'm sure I'll get plenty of shorter hikes in as well. During the winter I just go on Google Earth and look around for trails I can do that look interesting.  So far I've found several that I had not seen before.  We shall see I guess once the snow starts to melt higher up.

For this year I'd like to start really paying off some debt and managing money better.  I have not done a good job of that but I think I finally have the wife on board to where we can really start getting it down.  This is my major goal of 2020.  Will let you know how it goes.


  My microwave finally died after almost 25 years.  It served me well. RIP

A few updates for 2019:

Still doing VDI at St. Luke's.  I got my MCSA for Windows 10 a few weeks ago.  No real reason why other than I can I guess.  I'll probably get the CompTIA Server+ as well sometime soon also for no real reason.  I bought some climbing gear and went to a climbing gym here in Twin Falls for the first time last week.  It was pretty fun but a killer on the arms, something I'll need to work on.  I took Ariel and Andy as well and they had fun.  Here are a few pictures and videos.  I also added some photos I took of the Caldwell Winter Wonderland which were really nice.  It was cold outside but was glad to have made it over there to see the Christmas lights.  Those pictures are here.  I added a videos menu and will try and take more videos of events instead of just taking pictures all the time.  That might go for hiking trips as well, will have to see.  Other than that, family is doing well.  The wife wanted some turtles so we bought a tank and 2 of them.  Will take some pictures as well.  So far it's been a decent but busy year.