2024 update (2024-01-30)

Well 2023 turned out to be not great. Hiking was almost zero with high gas prices, lots of things to get done both at...

UPDATE! (2022-03-23)

I know, weird right?  I was not able to update Joomla from 3 to 4 without having too many issues, so I just created an...

This is my 2021 post (2021-03-12)

enjoy it

Done! (2020-10-05)

This past weekend I finished hiking up the last 2 of 9 12,000+ Idaho mountains, Mount Church and Donaldson Peak.  This...

Happy new year! (2020-01-02)

For 2020 just in case I don't post anything all year like I normally do.  Been a pretty busy 2019 although you would...

RIP 1994-2019 (2019-03-09)

My microwave finally died after almost 25 years.  It served me well. RIP


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