Standhope Peak

   Standhope Peak is 11,877 in the Pioneers. The trail to get to it is actually not bad and you can hike it in a loop from the trailhead. The trails are named Broad Canyon and Jarvis. I went up Jarvis and down Broad Canyon. Not sure I can say which one is worse going up the canyon. Either way you will get to Standhope and the lakes just below it. Most people I think just do the loop or stay the night at the lakes, I don't think people go there to climb Standhope or the other 11er to the northeast, Altair. Getting up Standhope actually wasn't bad. I'd rate it between Hyndman and Leatherman (from the way I did it). Class 3 but not difficult. The area is pretty nice though, lots of camping in the canyons all around that area and lots of trails to hike on. It is a ways away though but the roads are ok for cars. All in all it was a nice hike and really nice views. From the top of Standhope you can see Borah, Leatherman and that range to the northeast, and Hyndman, Old Hyndman, and the rest of the Pioneers to the West.

Saturday, 26 March 2022


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