Black Pine

    I tried to do this one a few years ago but the dirt road had been blocked off so I went and did a double fail over at City of Rocks that day. This time I was able to get there and get it done.

    This one was off-trail almost the entire way, and pretty steep up and down. It was worth it though. I went up one way and down the other. You could just as easily go the other direction, or just go up and down the same way. It's pretty terrible no matter which way you go. Wear pants or you will tear up your legs on the high brush, especially if you go the same way I did on the way down.

    Nice view from the top if it's a clear day, which it wasn't. You can normally see the Great Salt Lake. I saw a lot of haze and what might be some of the lake though. Good times and nice to get it done.

Thursday, 24 March 2022


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