Rattlesnake Spring

  Teapot Done is just outside of Mountain Home.  It was a little more interesting than I originally thought it was.  It was pretty easy and only about 3 miles.  It's not really worth making a trip all the way out there just for this, but if you are passing through or live close by, it's worth doing at least once.  I did this in the morning and then went and did Rattlesnake Spring so that I could finish the 2 hikes I had planned in that area.  It was a clear day, although there was a cold wind, so I did not stay on the top very long since my fingers were freezing off.

  Rattlesnake Spring is only a few minutes away and goes down a canyon, similar to Perjue and Little City of Rocks.  I hiked in a few miles but you can go a little further.  Ultimately there isn't really any destination, just hike in and have fun until you want to turn around.

Saturday, 09 April 2022


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